Quality Policy

We are committed to developing and maintaining ourbusiness so that our products and services consistently meet our own and our customers’ highexpectationsby:  

  •    Implementing ISO 9001:2015 to assure our clients that we are focussed in meeting their needs.

  •    Building long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers; understanding, communicatingand servicing their needs in an open, honest and positive way.

  •  Generating profit for our shareholders and providing stable and interesting employmentopportunities for our staff.

  •  The development, implementation, maintenance and review of our systems to continuously improveperformance and quality.

  •    Using available resources to improve performance and quality.

  • Complying with all relevant national legislation and regulations.

  • Periodically evaluating our systems and the quality policy refined to achieve a consistently highprovision of Quality service that satisfies the customers changing requirements.

  • Total Cleaning and Housekeeping Services Ltd regards communication with customers as critical to theeffectiveness of the quality system. Above all else, this organisation is committed throughout its operationsto the highest quality service.